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This website will briefly inform you on our debt collection and bailiff services.

Debt collection and bailiff services in The Netherlands

You are a foreign creditor and your debtor is residing in The Netherlands. In this situation you may present your case immediately to our processing services. Our office offers you professionals who have a good command of English.

The definition of a court bailiff and what his responsibilities and activities are

In The Netherlands court bailiffs are jurists who have completed a four-year law course and who, upon having been sworn in, are appointed by The Crown to operate as public servants on the one hand and as independent entrepreneurs on the other.

There is no other country in the world where a court bailiff has powers like in The Netherlands. In addition to his civil administrative duties the court bailiff often operates a private collection agency in order to offer a complete package of services. In the event that the friendly settlement does not lead to a result, the court bailiff can not only serve a writ of summons but can also litigate and seize property under execution. Hence, you do not need a separate debt collection agency nor a lawyer.

Court bailiffs ensure that whatever the judge determines is also observed and that payment settlements are also complied with. Apart from this the court bailiff ensures that, what the judge has determined, is enforced in the case of failure to comply. If necessary, coercion and pressure will be exerted. If a verdict or writ of execution is not complied with, the court bailiff is entitled to seize benefits or income, a house or furniture and personal effects. Therefore, your claim will be recovered.  

The court bailiff has additional administrative duties. For instance, as a result of a decision by the court, he can vacate premises, secure goods pending a final verdict, oversee public auctions and draw up official reports of constatation. The court bailiff does all this work at the request of private persons, companies, banks, institutions and the semi-public sector.

In which cases can you call upon the services of a court bailiff?

Naturally, our office will be pleased to serve you when you decide to take the route of it’s collection agency. The court bailiff will immediately provide you with a solution in cases that can be settled by a Dutch sub-district court judge. Again, you do not need a lawyer for this.

This applies in the following cases:

  • Cases in which the claim will not exceed an amount of € 25.000, including the interest that shall be accrued from the date of the writ of summons, unless the title exceeds that amount and that title is being disputed;
  • Cases involving claims of undefined value, if there are clear indications that the demand will not represent a higher value than € 25.000;
  • (Employment) issues with regard to (collective) labour contracts, consumer credit contracts with a credit limit of € 40.000 or agency contracts, rental or hire-purchase contracts or consumer sales contracts, irrespective of the change in the value of the claim;

The advantages of working with our office are as follows:

  • 40+ years of experience
  • Separate debt collecting agency or lawyer are not necessary
  • We communicate in English
  • Very favourable rates
  • Small office with short communication lines
  • A quick, efficient and effective way of handling cases
  • We do not work with subscriptions

Of course we can tell you a lot more about the Dutch debt collecting and bailiff practices but we cannot enter into detailed explanations on this page. We will be happy to provide you with further information in a personal meeting.

You can reach us by telephone on working days from Monday until Friday from 9:00am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Our telephone number: 0031 (0) 13 22 011 09.

A simple email will suffice to contact us. Our email address: info@vissersgerechtsdeurwaarders.nl.

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